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Investing with Purpose

At the core of HedgeFund Intel lies a shared devotion to the world of investments. We're not just enthusiasts – we're research geeks, avid debaters, and mentors on a mission. We've built this space to offer professional guidance in a way that's insightful, approachable, and engaging.


Our platform, PrimePicks, serves as a testament to our commitment. It's a curated hedge fund research platform featuring only the crème de la crème of boutique hedge funds globally. We boast exclusive access to these gems, and our world-leading research is enabled by our hands-on experience as market practitioners, an extensive network, and our cutting-edge proprietary analytics systems fuelled by Palance.


Abbas Alighanbari

Founder & Hedge Fund Specialist

With over a decade in capital markets, Abbas, an experienced Researcher, Portfolio Manager, and CEO, collaborated with renowned Hedge Fund managers globally. He optimised processes for several institutional investors, led proprietary model development, and founded Palance—a global investment analytics platform.

Drawing insights from a vast network of Hedge Fund managers, Abbas offers expert asset allocation and research services. He aids investment managers in process enhancement, personnel identification, and capital securing. Abbas holds an MSc in Finance specialising in Investment Management from Cass Business School, along with a Diploma in Entrepreneurship jointly conferred by Cass Business School, University Bocconi, and the University of Oxford.

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